Special Features of Jump Browser — the Best Web Browser
Jump Browser includes all of our much-loved browser extensions. These features will make your web surfing experience as comfortable as possible.

Free VPN — the fastest VPN in the house

"Do I need VPN for web browsing?" More and more people nowadays are answering this question positively, and it is easy to see why.

A VPN service — the acronym stands for Virtual Private Network — is a program that allows you to browse the web via another computer's connection. Such a connection is the titular virtual private network. When you are browsing via a VPN, any resource you reach takes your computer for this other remote computer you selected and treats you as such.

There are two main benefits of using a VPN for web browser. The browsing via another computer, as mentioned above, changes your location to this computer's one. Thanks to this fact, you can bypass Internet censorship and visit geo-blocked websites, accessible or inaccessible for specific countries. Secondly, the VPN connection is encrypted, so any data you upload or download is secure. This means that neither your Internet service provider nor anyone on the public wifi you are using at a coffee shop would see your activity.

A browser with built-in VPN saves you a lot of time and effort. You don't have to look for the program, download and install it — everything is already set up. Free VPN, a renowned VPN service of our own development, is included in Jump Browser.

As its name suggests, Free VPN is completely free. There are no hidden tricks, no bandwidth or monthly data limits, no ads to distract and annoy you. The extension's popularity in the Chrome web store speaks for itself, with well over a million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

We respect your privacy, so you won't need to register or share any personal data in order to use this or any other of our products. Your privacy is secure with Jump Browser and its built-in VPN.

uBlocker — an Ad Blocker That Is Both Lightweight and Effective

Nobody likes these annoying ubiquitous ads. We are no exception to the rule. While it is more than just challenging to avoid advertising in real life, at least you can succeed in it online. Thank God, nowadays the answer to the question "Do ad blockers work?" is a solid yes.

How to choose the best ad blocker? Taking a good look at its features might help a lot. A good ad blocker would remove all sorts of ads, including text, banners, sudden ad breaks while watching YouTube. An outstanding ad blocker would do all of the above without eating too many resources. So the best browser with ad blocker won't ever be lagging, no matter how many tabs you have open in your session.

Jump Browser has a built-in free ad blocker, uBlocker, previously released as a Chrome extension. While being super lightweight, uBlocker manages to get rid of even the toughest of ads. Say goodbye to text ads and banners, video ads and flash ads. No more pop-up ads to induce jump scare. Nothing to distract you from smooth web surfing.

uBlocker protects you from malware and malicious tracking, significantly improving Jump Browser security. It is also doing all the blocking before downloading the ads, not removing them afterward. You save both traffic and time, as every page is downloading much faster.

The Options and Advanced Options menus will let you customize uBlocker for maximum functionality.


A User-Friendly Tool for Media Downloading

Downloading media can be effortless and simple with Jump Browser. Download videos with its built-in Ultimate Video Saver. This freeware has already gained popularity as a Chrome extension, enabling almost a million of its users to download videos and other media to their liking.

Ultimate Video Saver makes it unbelievably comfortable to download video from web browser. It works in the background, automatically detecting any audio or video files on a page. A counter on its icon is to show the number of files available. If you click on the icon, it will offer you to play or save any of the detected files. Just sit back and relax watching your videos download!

There is yet another advantage of Ultimate Video Saver, making it the best browser Video downloader. As it works instantly and automatically, it obtains the media before you ask for it. The download speed in Jump Browser is surprisingly fast. If you happen to go offline later, you would still be able to play or download any media file via the Saver.

Ultimate Video Saver is efficient with all popular sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or any other. If the site has high definition content available, it is up to you to decide whether to download it in original or standard definition quality.


Infinite Dashboard — a Customizable Dashboard

"OK, Google, how to change browser homepage?"
Nobody is interested in the bland old browser home page, but there are few alternatives to the existential void of about:blank. Typically, people go for one of the two options. It is either "Continue the previously closed session" or "Open a specific page" — the latter usually being a search engine page.

Modern browsers would automatically add links to the sites you visited most often. However, the algorithm isn't flawless. Did it ever occur to you that links to the web pages you don't need anymore would keep occupying space, while some of the relevant pages you are using every day never make it there?

Infinite Dashboard is a tool to make your starting page personalized. It provides all the usual options:

  • Choosing a custom background (either from a large set of hi-res wallpapers or your own files)
  • Placing a search bar of your favorite search engine
  • Pinning the links you need to keep at hand.

But Infinite Dashboard can do much more than that, being a real browser dashboard!

  • You can pin your apps, be it messengers, games, or service apps, to the Dashboard the same way as with links to your favorite websites.
  • Tasks, notes, passwords, and memos can now be accessible from your home screen.
  • Your browser session can be saved and reopened whenever you need it again.

We created Infinite Dashboard as an extension for Chrome, and now it's an integral part of Jump Browser. Thanks to it, Jump Browser home page changes according to your tastes and needs!