A lot of websites rely on advertisements as the dominant source of income, which leads to an overwhelming amount of annoying advertisements popping up on our screens. We get bombarded with ads, and what's worse is that many of them can be a dangerous source of malware. Clicking intentionally or by accidents on malicious advertising pop up (also known as malvertising) can put your private data in danger and result in contracting a nasty computer virus.  

The thing is most of the websites may not even know where their ads are coming from due to the third party nature of online advertisements. Malvertising can show up even on the pages you visit every day as it uses the same distribution methods as typical online advertising.

Usually, it will install a piece of code on your computer that sends it to Command and Control (C&C) servers. The presents of C&C software will allow attackers to steal your data, interrupt other applications/software, and cause all kinds of troubles in the future.    

Thankfully there is a solution to the problem. You can use a free adblocker to stop vicious ads from harming you. You might also consider using an anti-tracker for better protection. We won't go into too much detail here, but in short, anti-tracker enables you to block trackers that collect information about your browsing activity.  

What is ad blocker and how it works?

Adblocker is a particular type of software that will remove different kinds of advertising from your web surfing experience. Using a blocking extension can also help you to save a bit of battery life and decrease loading time for some websites. 

So how exactly an adblocker works? Most of the websites use adds and other media elements from multiple third-party servers. In essence, most of the blocking extensions work by comparing ads on the sites to the list of banned servers. If the element coming from dangerous domain adblock will then prevent it from being loaded, some of the extensions replace blocked content with something else. Others just leave a broken link at the place where the add would've been. 

We feel it's important to acknowledge that even though online advertising can be extremely irritating and not safe at times, it is also how most of the free content on the web is supported financially. So by blocking all ads, you might hurt your favorite websites. Likely a lot of ad blockers are very customizable, and you can choose the content you want to block and support.   

a boy lost in the city full of ads

How to choose the best adblocker?

Before looking into getting blocking extension, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want all adds to be removed or just the dangerous ones?
  • Where and how are you going to be using the blocking extension? 
  • Are you looking for adblock for YouTube, Facebook, web browser, or perhaps something else?  
  • Do you need an adblocker for windows 10 or maybe even ad blocker for windows 7, IOS, Linux or another operating system?
  • Is your dream adblock free, or you need to budget some money to be able to use it?  

Hopefully, this little exercise helped you to determine what you're looking for in adblocker. There are hundreds of adlockers available so to help you even further here are some of the options you can choose from: 

  • Stands Fair Adblocker is a Chrome only plugin which works very well on Facebook ads and search ads on Google. It's not built to block all kinds of advertisements as creators of the plugin believe in the positive impact of advertising and supporting businesses. Which, in all fairness, is a plausible argument. When using the plugin, you can choose what kind of websites you would like to support, and it does an outstanding job blocking everything else.

  • AdBlock Plus is another excellent blocking extension that also supports online businesses by not blocking ads considered acceptable to be shown on sites. Acceptable Ads are thoughtful, clearly labeled, and don't interfere with content. These are presumably a middle ground that can make both users and business owners happy. If you are looking for a free ad blocker for windows 10 AdBlock Plus might just be the one as it's also the most popular blocking extension on the web. Additionally, it's available for all top desktop browsers and mobile devices. 

  • JumpBrowser is a free adblocker browser for pc. It has a built-in blocking extension, which some of you might know as a uBlocker. Before becoming a part of the browser, uBlocker gained a lot of popularity as a perfect adblock plus Chrome solution. It's lightweight, blocks all kinds of adds, including different types of malvertising. All blocking is done before downloading the app, which helps to protect your data and results in a faster webpage's downloading speed.

JumpBrowser is also a great ad blocker for windows 10. Free download available here.

In addition to powerful blocking extension, the browser offers lighting fast browsing experience, powerful and free VPN and easy to use video downloader.