About Jump Browser — a Free Web Browser
The Origins
Jump Browser — a free web browser arrived at its creation.
It all started with Chrome extension development. Our company has been creating
popular browser extensions for many years.

You may be already familiar with our browser extensions:

  • uBlocker, a user-friendly ad blocker
  • Free VPN, a fast and easy to use VPN for Chrome
  • Ultimate Video Saver, allowing you to download music or HD video with no more than a few clicks
  • Infinite Dashboard, bringing everything you might ever need to your Startpage

Manifest V3 and the Future of Chrome Extensions

However, Google has recently changed the rules for Chrome extensions. The new extension manifest V3, now in preview, is expected to go live in 2020 and drastically alter the game. Among other things, from now on, the extensions won't be allowed to directly modify any content before it is displayed in the browser. Meanwhile, the newly introduced declarative NetRequest API has a strictly limited number of rules to be created.

For the random user, this means that, for instance, popular ad blockers will cease to exist, unable to work under these circumstances. The same can be said about many other browser extensions. Chrome won’t be supporting them anymore.

Cut to a New Browser

We decided that our users deserve the possibility of getting the same advantages as before. That is why we created Jump Browser, a free lightweight browser that already has all of our extensions in it. At this stage, only the desktop browser for Windows is available for download. However, this project is continuously growing, so that Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Android users will soon be able to use our browser on whichever device they choose.


Why Us?

There are so many old and new browsers at hand. So what is it that makes Jump Browser unique?

We know that some features can exist only at the cost of the other features. Better security usually leads to lower browser speed. Additional functionality might make a program bulkier to consume more memory and space. We worked hard to reach the optimal balance because we were working on a browser for ourselves to use.

Jump Browser is a really lightweight browser while containing all the features and characteristics you would need. And here is the best fact: it is absolutely free, with all its exciting features!


Web Privacy and Security

Everything starts with security; it is a feature of utmost importance in the age of cybercrime. A lot of people choose a private browser for PC and mobile devices for better web security, privacy, and anonymity. Some go as far as using a Tor browser to ensure absolute privacy.

However, due to the very nature of Tor, the speed of web surfing is considerably diminished, and not everyone is ready to accept it. Using a VPN is a much more popular choice for those who want the perfect combination of security and speed. Jump Browser has Free VPN, the most popular among our Chrome extensions, already built-in, for anyone to enjoy complete privacy, forever and for free.


“No Soliciting!”

Ad blocking is another essential part of a comfortable web surfing nowadays. The built-in ad blocker of Jump Browser blocks all ads before downloading them and works on all websites. It also blocks malware to further improve security.


State-of-the-Art Customizability

With its Infinite Dashboard, Jump Browser changes the old-fashioned starting page into your home base, the modern hub where everything you need is neatly organized.


For the Joy of Melomans and Cinephiles

The Ultimate Video Saver of Jump Browser makes downloading audio and video a piece of cake. You don’t need to stay online to watch, save the vid and watch it later. Even HD videos can be downloaded with amazing speed.

All of these browser extensions are included in Jump Browser, so there is no need to look for them and download them separately anymore — a well-equipped free browser is finally here!